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Refrigerator or HVAC

Stop food spoilage, keep the heat on, and get effortless energy savings

Refrigerator or HVAC

No longer worry about tossing out food or losing heat. With PEP™ you get sufficient battery capacity to provide hours of automatic uninterrupted backup power to your refrigerator or HVAC system during grid outages ?

Refrigerators and HVAC systems are highly susceptible to power outages. Power loss to refrigerators can cause $100s in food spoilage per outage. Current PEP™ models are designed to support HVAC 120V controller and blower systems for normal and outage operations. Many homes with natural gas HVAC heating systems become unoperational during a power outage. PEP™ is able to energize the HVAC 120V controller, blower, and thermostat systems to allow for continuous gas HVAC heating operations during outages. For typical electric HVAC systems the 120V load represents 20% of the total energy load. Electric HVAC customers can leverage low rate PEP™ stored energy to offset 20% of the electric HVAC load during high rate periods.

All PEP™ models intelligently learn power usage patterns and provide real-time notifications of power outages and estimated backup power duration time frames.

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