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Product Scenarios

Single Family Housing


Homeowners can use multiple PEP™ units to better manage their daily energy usage and have uninterrupted backup power for refrigerators, routers, TVs, home office equipment, medical devices, or security systems and cameras.  

Apartment Building


Renters gain an affordable option to lower their energy costs and have backup power that doesn’t require utility or landlord approvals, just plug PEP™ into any wall outlet. It is attractively designed to be placed inside the home on a table, desktop, nightstand, countertop, or wall.

Solar Panels on Roof

Rooftop & Community Solar

Existing solar energy consumers gain additional savings and backup power with PEP™. PEP™ can be charged via home AC wiring or direct solar panel connections, thus providing a means to lower utility costs and augment the solar installation's return-to-grid $/kWh credits  

 Office furniture, desktop computer, lights, printer

Office & WFH

Whether working in the office or from home, PEP™ powers your office devices, lowers costs, reduces cord clutter, and provides hours of backup power. WFH users can keep separate their home and work energy costs and participate in employer energy procurement programs.

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