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  • I rent an apartment. Can this help lower my electric bill?
    Yes, you can use PEP to lower your electric bill. PEP stores electricity when the rates are low and uses that electricity when rates are high. If you subscribe to a Community Solar program, PEP can double your bill savings and provide automatic backup power.
  • Can I use solar to charge the Personal Energy Platform?
    Yes, you can plug a solar panel or solar shade directly into the PEP. PEP concurrently uses solar power to charge internal batteries and deliver power to the connected devices. Since PEP is also plugged into the wall outlet, your devices have access to grid power should solar generated power not be enough.
  • Is the Personal Energy Platform like other battery packs or power banks?
    No, battery packs and power banks are standalone products designed to be used on an as-needed basis. They require you to swap individual device power cords between the wall outlet and the battery pack or power bank when an outage occurs. PEP operates 24/7/365, once plugged into the wall outlet and your end devices connected, you don't have to do anything else, no swapping power cords back and forth. When the grid is up, it manages power to save money, and when the grid is down it provides uninterrupted power.
  • Personal Energy Platform vs Residential Energy Storage Systems
    PEP is not intended to power all the main power circuits of a home. Instead, PEP focuses on managing power directly for your most critical devices and appliances at the device level . For example, you could have a PEP for your refrigerator, another PEP for your entertainment devices, a third for your home office, internet router, or smart home security system. In this way, you can deploy an aggregate of 3-8kWh, or greater, of energy storage at a fraction of the cost of typical residential systems. With PEP, you purchase the appropriate amount of energy capacity (battery power) for your specific device loads. PEP is 10% more energy efficient than residential systems during normal operations, and 20% more efficient during battery backup power operations .
  • What is the main value PEP provides?
    PEP's main value of saving money on your energy bills and gaining backup power is important. However, PEP's ability to help individual energy consumers use energy better and lower their CO2 emissions is equally important to the health of this planet.
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