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Personal Energy Platform™

Personal Energy Platform Diagram

Power Reimagined

Personal Energy Platform's (PEP™) patented coordinated multiple device power management system reshapes how energy is received and delivered. PEP™ supports multiple power sources and efficiently powers directly connected end devices.

Personal Energy Platforms installed in the home.

Effortless Savings

PEP™ unique design gives you an affordable solution to grow  on your own terms from a single PEP™ to multiple units. Matching individual PEP™ energy capacity models to support different device power loads provides greater energy savings and longer backup duration. 

Monitor, laptop, iPad, smartphone, Alexa, PEP 500

Easy to install

Place the PEP™ on your desktop, plug the PEP™ into an AC wall outlet, then plug your devices into the PEP™.  It supports AC devices, USB devices, and native DC powered devices. If available, directly connect solar or wind power sources to provide greater savings and longer backup power durations.

Personal Energy Platform in small Vancouver flat.

Where you need it

Different sized PEP™ units can be placed within available physical spaces to power specific devices. The PEP™ above manages power for a fridge, microwave, smart home device, and phone/charger in a small apartment. PEP™ puts you in control of your energy usage.

Personal Energy Platform, AC Source, DC Source, Solar Panel, Wind Turbine, router, phone, web camera, smart speaker, oxygen concentrator, stream device, TV

Lower CO2 Emissions

PEP™ concurrently accesses grid and renewable sources, solar and wind, to power connected devices and charge internal batteries. PEP™ patented in-platform technologies reduce energy inefficiencies and dynamically balance clean renewable power over dirty grid power.

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Years of Savings

PEP™ utilizes high quality LFP batteries providing for safe operations and 10+ years of daily energy savings. With PEP™ you can fight back against annual utility rate increases.  PEP™ pays for itself, and could double or triple those savings over its lifespan.

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