Our mission:

To have a positive impact on people's lives around the world by reshaping the way we think about and use electric power.  Off The Wall Energy strives to reduce wasteful power practices, lower consumer electric costs, simplify the electric power paradigm, bring power to those who have none, and provide you with the flexibility and individualized control in support of your modern lifestyle power needs.

Our solution:

Our patented Personal Energy Platform™ (PEP™) is a super smart battery platform that delivers positive impacts on your life. The PEP™ has a real-time all-the-time awareness of grid and off-grid power availability.  It can utilize power from 120v/240v AC sources, from direct attached solar panels, wind turbines, or other DC power sources. The PEP™ provides an uninterrupted power supply capability to multiple devices without the hassle of swapping power cords.  The PEP™ family of products gives hours of uninterrupted power for continuous operations, lowers electric costs, and is accompanied by an intuitive mobile app. 

Our value:

With the PEP™ system, you get an a la carte approach to power independence via a micro-energy storage system that can grow with your needs and accompany you when you move.  Mobility and ease-of-use are cornerstones of the PEP™ family of products.  The PEP™ is unlike any battery system, power bank, or UPS you've seen before.

Our history:

The PEP was born out of a frustration with the lack of easy access to power while on a road trip and the clutter of multiple power strips and bulky device power cords needed to run our home communications and entertainment devices. We knew there had to be a better way.

Our team:

Co-Founders, Bob and Kadir, have over 40 years of IT systems, networking, grid infrastructure, and consumer electronics expertise. They lead a culturally diverse team of engineers who are acutely aware of the need to bring cost effective reliable power to the global community. We want to play our small part in achieving Energy Equality and Energy Resiliency for all.

Our PEP:

Our 4th generation Personal Energy Platform prototype residing on an end-table doesn't look like any bulky UPS or power bank you will find on the market.  The PEP is designed to be attractive and unobtrusive while providing greater power capacity than traditional portable power systems.

Envision a power mobility lifestyle, empowered with maximum availability, intuitive power usage, and personalized control.