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Our Cause

We formed Off The Wall Energy to have a positive impact on people's lives by reshaping the way we think about and use power. We give consumers more control over their power usage. We strive to reduce wasteful power practices, lower consumer electric costs, simplify electric power usage, promote renewable energy sources, and bring power to those who have none.

Team of Industrial Engineers

Our Goal

Our vision was to design and build a robust and versatile energy storage solution that was accessible to the masses. Since founding the company in 2017, we have successfully engineered multiple working prototypes of our flagship product, obtained patent-pending designations for our technology, and a solid foundation to enhance our product's value.


Where friends, colleagues, and partners come together to build something that improves people's lives and helps the planet.


Bob Guimarin

Founder and CEO

Bob pursued a portable energy storage vision for several years before reconnecting with Kadir  to bring the Personal Energy Platform to life. He has decades of product development expertise, a global awareness of the power industry, and has seen the impact access to reliable power can have on families and communities.


Kadir Yilmaz


Kadir is a distinguished engineer in power systems design and architecture who leads teams in delivering advanced power solutions for firms around the world. As an adjunct college professor, he contributes to the next generation of power engineers.

Haluk Turkvan (1).jpg

Haluk Turkvan


Haluk has 20+ years of experience in designing and engineering microcontroller-based systems and delivering wireless communications and integrated automation across industries such as the manufacturing, assembly, consumer, and energy sectors.


Other Team Members

Interns & Vendors

We utilize graduate student internships and vendor manufacturing design expertise to streamline product development, enhance unit assembly, and significantly reduce costs.  We intend to continue leveraging the best talent available.

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