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Medical Devices

Keep your medical devices running during power outages.

Medical Devices

No longer worry about losing lifesaving home medical treatments. With PEP™you get sufficient internal battery capacity to provide hours of automatic uninterrupted backup power for your medical devices during grid outages ?

Home medical devices are susceptible to power outages, leaving patients and caregivers with the uncertainty of lifesaving care. Unlike other portable battery backup systems that require the customer to move a heavy battery pack of 40-65 lbs, swap power cords, and restart the medical device, a similar capacity PEP™ model weighs 20-25 lbs, doesn't require any customer cord swapping and is light enough to safely carry to another location. Once your medical devices are plugged into a PEP™ , power will be maintained autonomously 24/7/365, providing continuous medical device operations. When the grid is up PEP™ provides energy savings on a daily basis by using stored low rate period energy during daily high rate periods.

All PEP™ models intelligently learn power usage patterns and provide real-time notifications of power outages and estimated backup power duration time frames.

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