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Lower Utility Bills

The Personal Energy Platform's (PEP™) intelligent power management technology can lower utility bills by 10% without impacting your devices' power needs. PEP™ achieves these reductions through greater energy efficiencies, leveraging lower rate power during high rate periods, and balancing renewable and grid sources to minimize use of costly grid power. 

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Lower CO2 Emissions

The Personal Energy Platform's increased energy efficiency can reduce CO2 emissions by 10% or more. Charging PEP™ internal batteries during Off-Peak periods typically uses a cleaner generation source, thus further lowering CO2 emissions. Every kWh of solar generation replacing grid fossil fuel generation reduces carbon emissions by 1 pound. Combined PEP™ storage capacity of 3kWh could lower carbon emissions by 3 pounds per day or 1/2 ton per year.

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Automatic Backup Power

The Personal Energy Platform's  inline device connectivity and UPS capabilities provide hours of automatic backup power.  Once installed, PEP™ autonomously operates 24/7/365 delivering power more efficiently and doesn't require swapping power cords during grid outages. Multiple PEP™ units can be placed throughout your home to provide automatic backup power to your most critical devices

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Unlike stationary energy storage systems, PEP™ is 100% customer controlled and fully portable allowing customers to easily take when they move, to use for off-grid activities, or simply to move it to another place in their home.  PEP™ portability provides ALL consumers with an affordable means to use energy better and gain the benefits of energy storage no matter if they own or rent their homes.

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