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Personal Energy Platforms, wireless communications, USB, DC ports, AC ports, WebCam PEPs

Personal Energy Platform

We anticipate having three models of the Personal Energy Platform (PEP™) available this year. All models will have similar power management functionally, though each model will have different energy storage capacities based on their expected usage scenarios. Larger energy capacity models to support longer backup power durations and larger end devices like refrigerators, furnaces, and such.

If you want to know more, please schedule a meeting or contact us.

Everyday people, laptops, tablets, smartphones, tabletop lighting

Product Sales

Consumers will be able to purchase directly from our website with delivery on a global basis. We intend to offer PEP™ products via major retail outlets and energy related entities such as local utilities, solar installers, demand response firms, community choice groups, and non-profit groups supporting underserved, disadvantaged, and Indigenous communities.

If you want to know more or get on an early PEP™ access list, please schedule a meeting or contact us.

Businesses, neighbors, storefront, collaboration, gratification

Partner Program

We are seeking partners who have a strong customer commitment. Where together, we can enhance each other's products or services to the betterment of our mutual customers.   


The Personal Energy Platform's unique power management capabilities offer numerous partnership potential.  Let's have a conversation and explore possibilities.

If you want to know more, please schedule a meeting or contact us.

Team members, collaboration, personal energy storage,  community, social benefit

Teaming Projects

The energy landscape is rapidly changing. Many projects could benefit from an affordable portable energy storage system like the PEP™.   

If you're involved with building energy efficiency, community solar, MFH solar, or projects involving underserved, disadvantaged, or Indigenous communities, we'd love to team with you. 

If you want to know more, please schedule a meeting or contact us.

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