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Want more energy independence?

Personal Energy Platform


Utility Bills

We believe the path to lower utility bills is to use power more efficiently, to purchase lower cost power for use during high cost periods, and to include local renewable energy sources like solar and wind. 

Everyone, whether they own or rent can lower their utility bills by using energy better.


C02 Emissions

We offer consumers the means to personally control their energy usage, which will result in lower CO2 emissions, without sacrificing their power needs or incurring higher energy costs

With our solution, every consumer can lower their energy related CO2 emissions by 1000s of pounds of carbon per year.  


Backup Power

We believe everyone should have automatic backup power for their most critical devices. Grid outages are increasing and utilities aren't providing realistic affordable solutions.


We provide consumers an affordable automatic backup power solution that is flexible and puts them in control.

You're in Control

Doesn’t involve utilities, government agencies, or landlord approvals or permits.

Easy to Install

No hassles, plug into any wall outlet.


Be the Change in Climate Change 

Think Differently

Electric power usage began over 150 years ago. Utility companies generate and deliver power as they see fit and at prices they set. We plug our devices into electric outlets, assume the power is there, and hope that it doesn’t cost too much.


We believe it’s time for a change.

Energy Equity

"Achieving energy equity requires intentionally designing systems, technology, procedures, and policies that lead to fair and just distribution of benefits in the energy system."   

Pacific Northwest National Lab



We fully embrace these principles.

Take Action

Climate change is an existential threat to life on earth. Changing how we use energy is a high impact way each us can make a difference.  We believe our solution begins a journey that empowers individuals to take action.

No one is alone, please join with us.

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