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Personal Energy Platform

Unlike any battery or energy storage system !

PEP powered home office desktop devices, laptop, monitor, smart speaker, phone charger, smart video steaming device

Automatic Backup Power

The Personal Energy Platform™ (PEP™) plugs into any AC wall outlet, intelligently manages power, and provides uninterrupted backup power. ALL consumers, whether they rent or own can get the benefits of energy storage . 

New home, family, portable energy storage system, light weight, grid independent


100% customer controlled and fully portable allowing customers to easily take it when they move. Simply plug the PEP™ into a wall outlet and plug your devices back in. Setup any new end devices in minutes with the mobile app.

Money, utility bills, cash, electric rates, energy savings

Lower Utility Bills

The PEP™ patented power management system lowers utility bills without impacting your devices' power needs. PEP™ leverages lower rate grid power during high rate periods, and dynamically balances renewable sources. 

Power Plantm CO2, carbon emissions, dirty power, utility controlled

Lower CO2 Emissions

PEP™ knows when to charge internal batteries with renewable energy or cleaner grid sources further lowering CO2 emissions. PEP™ users can lower their carbon footprint by 1000s of pounds per year.

Designed for You

No utility permits or landlord approvals.

Easy to Install

Plug into any wall outlet.

Be the Change in Climate Change

Save the Planet, young people, hope, climate solutions, future generations

Take Action

Change is hard, until you take that first step. We took our first step, our final destination is yet to be determined. We'd love to have you share the journey with us.

Energy equity, solar power, community, indigenous, hands up, people power

Energy Equity

We believe in promoting energy equity in underserved, disadvantaged, and Indigenous communities. PEP™ presents an opportunity to deliver energy equity in these communities.

Each of us can make a difference !

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