​No longer worry about losing Internet access, visibility to security webcams, use of medical devices, or having the food in your fridge go bad.

When the power goes out, we offer an affordable no hassle solution to keep all your critical communications, medical, smart home and lifestyle devices up and running.

When the power is on, we lower energy costs by reducing power delivery inefficiencies, eliminating phantom loads, and by using low cost off-peak stored electricity during on-peak periods of highest priced electricity rates.

Our Personal Energy Platform solution is a portable micro-energy storage system located behind-the-meter plugged into a 120V/240V AC wall outlet and directly connects to your AC and DC devices.  The Personal Energy Platform can be charged at night and discharged during the day, negating the use of grid power when rates are high. All the while operating autonomously to support your critical communications, security systems, food preservation, and home medical devices without the need to swap power cords or impacting your lifestyle choices.

95% of all consumer devices operate on DC power, however, electricity is delivered via AC power.  AC power needs to be converted to DC power via individual device AC-DC power cords or bricks. This conversion creates energy inefficiencies that increase your electric bill and cause the cord clutter we’ve all struggled to manage.

No more clutter of power strips and cords. The Personal Energy Platform eliminates the need for individual device AC-DC power cords.  It has an internal AC-DC inverter to provide that function to all the devices. We provide a DC power cord to directly connect your end devices to the Personal Energy Platform. 

Our portable micro-energy storage solution consists of multiple Personal Energy Platform models that provide different energy storage capacities, which operate as a unified micro-energy storage system in order to deliver the right amount of power in a distributed manner, and where individual Personal Energy Platform units can be interconnected to expand energy storage capacity during adverse power loss situations.

When the Personal Energy Platform is simultaneously connected to grid and renewable energy sources, it automatically selects power from the renewable power source to lower your electric bill. It returns to grid power when renewable power is unavailable or according to customer defined usage profiles.