Bringing the Personal Energy Platform to the Real World

My 1st attendance at an Overland East Expo gathering, What a great experience!  These folks are committed to going to far far off places, experiencing new cultures and sharing with people.  From $300K mega-rigs with 20k watts of power, tear drop trailer and pickup truck campers, to individual expedition motorcyclists, everyone enjoys living each day to the fullest.  Portable power is a necessity

The folks in the motocycle group area surprised me the most.  They loved the idea of the Personal Energy Platform, an energy system they could charge up as they rode during the day and power their devices at night.  The size, shape and weight (under 4lbs) was not an issue, just put it in a saddle bag and hit the road or trail for the next day. 

"Digital Campfire" was a new term added to my lexicon.

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