Energy Storage - No one should be excluded

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

After diving deep into regulatory agencies policies regarding energy storage's impact on Energy Resiliency and Energy Equality and reading many energy industry articles about the benefits and growth of energy storage, I've come to realize many consumers, or ratepayers as they are called, have been mostly excluded from the energy storage equation. This exclusion impacts their individual energy resiliency and perpetuates a growing energy inequality divide. To save the planet, I believe we need all forms of energy storage including grid level storage and whole house storage, but we shouldn't ignore the 100s of Gigawatts of potential energy storage available on the consumer side of energy usage. All ratepayers should be eligible for the benefits of energy storage, not just those who can afford to own their homes. 1/3 of US households are renters (43M) who are defacto denied access to energy storage incentive funds. Funds they've paid into with their electric bills. Whether one is a homeowner or renter, our Personal Energy Platform can be deployed in minutes not months and provide power to consumers critical devices when the grid is down and save energy and money when the grid is up.

With our Personal Energy Platform's micro-energy storage capabilities we offer a solution to unleash the untapped energy storage potential while improving Energy Resiliency and Energy Equality to all, homeowners and renters.

Let's redefine the boundaries of Energy Storage to provide benefits to all consumers.

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