$1 per Watt - Storage Subsidy

"California has passed its first-ever subsidy aimed specifically at bringing more distributed solar and energy storage to people at highest risk of having their power shut off by utilities trying to prevent wildfires. " GTM

The CPUC has recommended a solar and energy storage subsidy for customers adversely affected by Red Flag day forced power shutdown situations. The stated $13,200 subsidy should not just be made available to the big players of solar and residential energy storage. It should be expanded to behind-the-meter micro-energy storage systems, like OTW Energy.

With this subsidy PG&E customers could fully fund multiple Personal Energy Platforms distributed around their homes or apartments and maintain their critical communications, home medical devices, and refrigerators when PG&E shuts down their power on windy days. And, there would be sufficient funds remaining to add portable solar panel or wind turbine units as independent power sources to the Personal Energy Platforms during situations of extended outage periods.

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