Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Energy Platform?

The Personal Energy Platform delivers power to your critical devices to help maintain your safety, security and communications during times of grid outages and provides daily cost savings by utilizing stored Off-Peak power during periods of highest priced On-Peak electricity rates. When grid outages do happen, the Personal Energy Platform autonomously provides an uninterruped battery backup power capability, without the requirement to swap individual device power cords.

Is the Personal Energy Platform just another battery?

The Personal Energy Platform is not just another battery or power bank. Standalone battery and power bank products are designed to be used infrequently during power outages, via swapping individual device power cords from the wall outlet to the battery or power bank. Whereas the Personal Energy Platform is a grid-aware real-time all-the-time usage intelligent power management system sitting between the AC wall outlet and your AC and DC devices. When grid power is unavailable, the Personal Energy Platform autonomously maintains uninterrupted battery backup power to support your critical communications, security systems, food preservation, and home medical devices without the need to swap power cords.

What is a micro-energy storage system?

Micro-energy storage systems provide the ability to leverage electric energy costs and provide backup power capabilities to individual devices. Our portable micro-energy storage system provides uninterrupted power to individual connected devices. Whereas, whole-house energy storage systems are very costly, require expensive and complex grid interconnections, utility permits and are not portable. Multiple Personal Energy Platforms can be purchased to meet your specific needs and budget, and don't require grid interconnection or utility permits.

Why not just install a whole house energy storage solution?

Costs & Mobility: The Personal Energy Platform is not designed to power your whole house, just your most critical devices and appliances. Typical residential energy storage systems are stationary and cost $25,000 for approximately15kWh of energy storage and require utiluty interconnection and costly permits. With the Personal Energy Platform, you purchase the appropriate level of energy storage you need; place the Personal Energy Platforms where you need them, and then take the Personal Energy Platforms with you when you move. Support of critical devices for your safety, security, and communications can be achieved by multiple Personal Energy Platforms that provide an aggregate 8kWh, or greater, of energy storage at a fraction of the cost.

What type of batteries are in the Personal Energy Platform?

The Personal Energy Platform is battery chemistry agnostic and can utilize multiple rechargeable battery chemistries. We utilize high-quality industry standard battery cell formats to provide the maximum in energy storage and best price. Today, the Personal Energy Platform uses high quality Lithium-ion batteries. With our proprietary battery management system, we achieve 95% battery power efficiencies and extend the battery lifecycle to support upto 8 years of daily usage.

How safe is the Personal Energy Platform?

The Personal Energy Platform is safe, it eliminates many of the safety issues involved in energy storage and delivery of power to end devices via traditional AC connection methods. Our advanced battery management system monitors charging and discharging to maintain optimum battery cell voltage levels and thermal conditions to enhance safety and extend the life of the platform.

What if there is an extended power outage?

The Personal Energy Platform family of products are designed for power extensibility. For those who do not have access to solar, wind, or other DC power generation, each Personal Energy Platform can act as an auxilliary power source to other Personal Energy Platforms. You can easily daisy-chain units by stacking to expand the power backup timeframe with a simple Personal Energy Platform interconnect cord. No other hardware or software configuation or action is required to gain this extended power backup capability.

Can I use solar to charge the Personal Energy Platform?

Yes, the Personal Energy Platform has an integrated solar panel controller and you can plug a 12V solar panel directly into the unit. As long as the solar power source generates a minimum12.3V of DC power, the Personal Energy Platform will not draw any power from the wall outlet. You can create a solar usage profile that directs the unit's battery backup capabilities to cover the 'cloudy day gap' for a few hours, when there is insufficient solar coverage before accessing power from the grid.

How does the Personal Energy Platform know which power source to use?

During normal operations, if there are DC power sources available, like solar or wind, the Personal Energy Platform will prioritize DC generated power use over grid delivered AC power. During adverse operations, the Personal Energy Platform power management system senses the loss or degradation of grid power and immediately switches to backup battery power. The Personal Energy Platform utilizes power usage profiles and can store lower cost grid power purchases to use during periods of high cost grid power, and be conformant with Time of Use pricing schedules.

How long will the Personal Energy Platform last?

We believe the Personal Energy Platform will last 8 to 10 years before potentially needing a battery pack replacement.

How long will the backup power last?

The length of backup power is dependent on the number and types of DC and AC devices that are connected to the Personal Energy Platform. Once the devices have been connected and drawing power from the Personal Energy Platform, the Personal Energy Platform will determine a power usage profile and display the anticipated backup power time on the mobile app. In order to balance product costs and power outage durations, our backup power is designed for 4 hours minimum upto 24 hours or longer. We give consumers the choice to select the length of the backup period at a reasonable price.

How does the Personal Energy Platform know to charge at low rates and discharge at high rates?

The Personal Energy Plarform incorporates a utility's published rate information, such as Time-of-Use, to recommend the best times to charge during low rate periods and then to utilize the stored power during high rate periods. The mobile app allows you to set multiple usage profiles or scenarios based on your situation and backup preferences. The Personal Energy Platform automatically uses these profiles to perform the necessary functions to minimize costs and maximize power availability.

The Personal Energy Platform doesn’t look like other power banks or UPS systems. Why is that?

From our first thoughts, we wanted to build a product that is attractive and doesn't esthetically clash with our other consumer devices which it is providing power to. It should look good in our entertainment center and on our coffee table, no bulky computer-looking product would do. The Personal Energy Platform is designed from the ground up to maintain its attractiveness regardless of the amount of energy stored. It has a sleek 8-sided product enclosure, where the front-facing 3 sides do not have any power cords, connection ports, or status LEDs. With an integrated AC-DC inverter, there is no need for individual device AC to DC inverter power cord bricks. This approach allows for use of common device DC power cords, of which we offer our customers the ability to specify the length for their individual scenarios. You shouldn’t have to use the standard 6-foot DC power cord when the device is 12 inches from the power source.