Personal Energy Platform

We're building a Personal Energy Platform™ (PEP) solution to help lower electric bills, reduce energy waste, and bring electric power to those who have none.  We've built multiple functional prototypes to explore our vision, make improvements learned from each iteration, and hear from consumers what their needs are.

Personal Energy Platform 4th Prototype
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Tabletop PEP


Personal Energy Platforms

Future Models - (3D Renderings)

Personal Energy Platform

2 Minute Overview

Off The Wall Energy - Garage Lab

View the Personal Energy Platform prototypes in action.

Lab Test of AC & DC Devices
Wirelessly Power Devices On & Off
Portable Power & Solar Panel at Paulus Park

The patent pending Personal Energy Platform consists of a super-smart power management system, battery backup capability, and can be plugged into any 120V/240V AC wall outlet to directly connect and power your AC and DC devices.  The Personal Energy Platform can be charged at night, when rates are lowest, and discharged during the day, negating the use of grid power when rates are high, all without the need to swap power cords or impacting your device usage when grid power is lost or degraded.

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Replace your overloaded power strips with a single Personal Energy Platform.

Personal Energy Platform - portable micro-energy storage system
PowerPlus prototype - Personal Energy Plaform

Lower your utility bill and get hours of backup power for your large appliances.

High energy capacity PowerPlus Personal Energy Platform

Refrigerator PEP


Connect renewable sources to further lower your utility bill and CO2 emissions.

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