Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Energy Platform?

The Personal Energy Platform maintains power to your critical devices to help maintain your safety, security and communications. The Personal Energy Platform directly powers your DC devices, bypassing the 20% power inefficiencies incurred from connecting to an AC wall outlet and the resultant AC-DC power conversion losses. Additional cost savings are achieved by utilizing Off-Peak eletricity rates during periods of highest priced On-Peak electricity rates. When grid outages do happen, the Personal Energy Platform autonomously provides an uninterruped battery powered backup capability without the requirement to swap individual device power cords.

Is the Personal Energy Platform just another battery?

The Personal Energy Platform is not just another battery. It is an intelligent power management system directly connected to your AC and DC devices that can store electricty at night when the rates are low and use that electricity during the day when rates are high. All the while operating autonomously to support your critical communications, security systems, food preservation, and home medical devices without the need to swap power cords or impacting your lifestyle choices.

What is a micro-energy storage system?

Similar to residential energy storage systems, micro-energy storage systems provide the ability to leverage electric energy costs and provide backup power capabilities. Micro-energy storage systems provide uninterrupted power to individual directly connected devices. Instead of installing a bunch of batteries in the garage to support the entire house with a costly interconnection at the utility meter, mulitple Personal Energy Platforms can be plugged into any home wall outlet to support specific devices. Individual units can be placed to support your communications devices; Internet router, phone systems, entertainment systems, computers, security cameras, or home healthcare devices. Other units can be placed to support your refrigerator and other large appliances that are deemed critical.

Why not just install a residential energy storage solution for my whole house?

Costs & Mobility: The Personal Energy Platform is not designed to power your whole house, just your most critical devices and appliances. Typical residential energy storage systems are stationary and cost $25,000 for approximately15kWh of energy storage and have a 20%+ AC-DC-AC-DC conversion power loss that unduly adds to your overall power costs. With the Personal Energy Platform, you purchase the appropriate level of energy storage you need; place the Personal Energy Platforms where you need them, and then take the Personal Energy Platforms with you when you move. Support of critical devices for your safety, security, and communications can be achieved by multiple Personal Energy Platforms that provide an aggregate 8kWh, or greater, of energy storage at 1/3 of the cost. The Personal Energy Platform is a portable micro-energy storage system that is simple to install, easy to use, and extremely portable. Going camping, take the Personal Energy Platform for added power and device support. Charge it by the sun, wind, car cigarette lighter, or other power sources.

What type of rechargeable batteries are in the Personal Energy Platform?

The Personal Energy Platform is designed to be battery chemistry agnostic and can utilize multiple battery chemistries. Today, the Personal Energy Platform uses high quality Lithium-ion batteries. Any future use of other battery chemistries won't affect the Personal Energy Platform's operation in any way.

I often hear the ‘holy grail’ of battery technologies is coming. Why not wait for that?

The Personal Energy Platform is not dependent on any single battery technology, it uses the best battery price-performance technologies available to provide you with the highest power capacity at the lowest costs. As battery advances arrive, the Personal Energy Platform will simply incorporate them into it’s platform. Our a la carte approach, doesn’t saddle you with lots of outdated battery technology, it allows you to buy the best today and the best tomorrow.

How safe is the Personal Energy Platform?

The Personal Energy Platform is safe. The Personal Energy Platform eliminates many of the safety issues involved in energy storage and delivery of power to end devices via traditional AC connection methods. Our advanced battery management system monitors charging and discharging to maintain optimum battery cell voltage levels and thermal conditions to enhance safety and extend the life of the platform.

What if there is an extended power outage?

The Personal Energy Platform family of products are designed for power extensibility. Each Personal Energy Platform can act as a DC power source to other Personal Energy Platforms. You can easily daisy-chain units by stacking on top another to expand the power backup timeframe with a simple Personal Energy Platform interconnect cord. No other hardware or software configuation or action is required to gain this extended power backup capability.

Can I use solar to charge the Personal Energy Platform?

Yes, the Personal Energy Platform has an integrated solar panel controller and you can plug a 12V solar panel directly into the unit. As long as the solar power source generates 12.3V of DC power, the Personal Energy Platform will not draw any power from the wall outlet. You can create a solar usage profile that directs the unit's battery backup capabilities to cover the 'cloudy day gap' for a few hours, when there is insufficient solar coverage before accessing power from the grid.

How does the Personal Energy Platform know which power source to use?

During normal operations, if there are DC power sources available, like solar or wind, the Personal Energy Platform will prioritize their use over grid power. During adverse operations, the Personal Energy Platform power management system senses the loss or degradation of grid power and immediately switches to backup battery power.

What if I forget to unplug the Personal Energy Platform from the AC outlet after it is fully charged?

The Personal Energy Platform has an intelligent power management system that is grid-aware and autonomously manages the flow of AC source power. The Personal Energy Platform doesn’t need to be unplugged from the AC outlet after fully charged.

What if I forget to plug it into a wall outlet?

The Personal Energy Platform will notify you before it runs out of the power. Power level triggers, notification timeframes, and means of notification are customizable by the user via a mobile app.

How will I know when the Personal Energy Platform is fully charged?

The Personal Energy Platform has external LED indicator signals or you can use the Personal Energy Platform's mobile app to display the current state of charge and estimated backup power duration given the current active devices' power usage. Our current plans are to integrate with leading smart speaker systems to allow for voice activated commands, inquiries, and email and text based status communications.

How many times can the Personal Energy Platform be recharged?

The Personal Energy Platform’s advanced battery management system greatly extends the standard recharged cycles by a factor of 10. We anticipate 5000 recharge cycles can be achieved.

How long will the Personal Energy Platform last? Months or years?

We believe the Personal Energy Platform will last 8 to 10 years before potentially needing a battery pack replacement.

How long will the power last? DC power? AC power?

The length of backup power is dependent on the number and types of DC and AC devices that are connected to the Personal Energy Platform. Once the devices have been connected and drawing power from the Personal Energy Platform, the Personal Energy Platform will determine a power usage profile and display the anticipated backup power time on the mobile app. In order to balance the product costs and power durations, our backup power design points are 4 hours minimum and 24 hours maximum. Feedback from multiple consumers validated these design points as the most desireable.

How does the Personal Energy Platform switch between AC power and DC power?

The Personal Energy Platform has an intelligent power management system that immediately senses the loss or degradation of AC source power and switches to DC battery backup power. The connected devices will be unaffected and unaware of the switch.

Will my end devices suffer from a power outage?

No, the end devices will not suffer from a power outage. The switch to battery backup power is performed by our proprietary Power Control Board and at such speeds as to be unrecognizable by the connected devices

How does the Personal Energy Platform know to charge at low rates and discharge at high rates?

The Personal Energy Plarform incorporates a utility's published rate information, such as Time-of-Use, to recommend the best times to charge during low rate periods and then to utilize the stored power during high rate periods. The mobile app allows you to set multiple usage profiles or scenarios based on your situation and backup preferences. The Personal Energy Platform automatically uses these profiles to perform the necessary functions to minimize costs and maximize power availability.

What’s the Personal Energy Platform's shelf life?

The Personal Energy Platform can be stored unused for up to one year or longer, since the internal battery packs come with a minimum 30% charge.

How do I know how many times the Personal Energy Platform has been charged?

The Personal Energy Platform is designed to be an all-the-time micro-energy storage system that when connected to an AC, DC, or both power sources can continually be charging to maintain the highest levels of power backup at the lowest costs.

How will I know when the Personal Energy Platform is going bad?

The Personal Energy Platform mobile app will present a warning message when the micro-energy storage capacity and operating power profile drops below a predetermined level.

Is the Personal Energy Platform a UPS system?

Yes, the Personal Energy Platform has UPS capabilities to provide uninterrupted power during times of grid power outages, without the need to swap individual device power cords.

What’s the difference between a UPS and a Personal Energy Platform?

The primary functions of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for power backup, power conditioning, and notification are incorporated into the Personal Energy Platform. At this time, the Personal Energy Platform doesn’t provide end device application shutdown synchronization. We do provide the customer notification of the outage and the estimated duration of backup power for the active devices. Since the Personal Energy Platform supports the attached devcies in their native DC power operating mode, the Personal Energy Platform can provide longer backup power support than UPS products containing similar amounts of energy storage capacity.

The Personal Energy Platform doesn’t look like other power banks or UPS systems. Why is that?

From our first thoughts, we wanted to build a product that was attractive and didn’t esthetically clash with our other consumer devices which it was providing power to. It had to look good in our entertainment center and on our coffee table, no bulky computer-looking product would do. The Personal Energy Platform is designed from the ground up to maintain its attractiveness regardless of the amount of energy stored. It has a sleek 8-sided product enclosure, where the front-facing 3 sides do not have any power cords, connection ports, or status LEDs. With an integrated AC-DC converter, there is no need for individual device 120V AC to DC converter power cord bricks. This approach allows for use of common device DC power cords, of which we offer our customers the ability to specify the length for their individual scenarios. You shouldn’t have to use the standard 6-foot DC power cord when the device is 12 inches from the power source.